Monday, February 11, 2013

It's a Small Crime, and I've Got No Excuse

9 Crimes By Identity

Identity just announced the release of its brand '9 Crimes.' The three talented designers, Sandra Rizk, Sandra Issa, and Huda Elmofty, joined forces to create their first collection "Innocence Lost." The collection consists embellished vintage pieces, creating art out of dull items. Where did the name comes from? It was inspired by Damien Rice's song '9 Crimes.'

"Since we are only making one piece of each, here comes the relation to our brand where the song is addressing a person in love with another yet they can't be, simply because one of them is taken. Just like that our one off item pieces can be loved by many and only owned by one."

Check out their behind the scenes video below, and their Facebook page here


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