Friday, November 30, 2012

The Young Republic 2012 Christmas Collection

‘Tis The Season!
Don't get caught out giving lame gifts this Christmas season. Young Republic have released their 2012 Christmas Collection featuring hundreds of unique and exciting gift ideas for the fashionable man, woman and child. Showcasing the best from over 100 of their hottest independent designers, these gift ideas are sure to wow the crowd this Christmas!

View the Young Republic 2012 Christmas Collection here


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Men? Leggings? ‘Meggings’?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse that men wearing tights shorts and short shorts or that their pants can’t possibly get any slimmer. You’re hit by some shocking news, men are actually wearing leggings. Yes, men are actually buying leggings for Fall. (It took me all my energy and all the caffeine in the world not to faint) 

From Justin Bieber (oh well... let’s not talk about that), to Russell Brand, to Lenny Kravtiz pairing them with platform boots. There’s been quite an array of those on the runways and retail racks. From Givenchy and John Bartlett to Uniqlo. 

Brace yourselves ladies, because your boyfriends might be trying those out sometime soon (and let’s all pray they don’t). “They’re not tights, they’re meggings!” 

“Guys have been wearing slimmer and slimmer pants in the last few years, so the natural progression is to move to the man legging,” says Patrick Jones, a rep for Uniqlo, which offers its own brand of "made for all" meggings. The company technically lists the item as long johns, designed to be worn under pants. That doesn’t stop customers — first in Japan and Korea, now in America — from wearing them alone or with shorts, he says, especially given that their proprietary Heat Tech technology makes layering a sweaty proposition. “Bieber wore a drop-crotch pair at the American Music Awards, and all he did was grab his crotch every ten seconds onstage.” 

Ladies, what do you think about this? Is it just accepting blurred gender lines within the fashion industry and that menswear is not inspired by womenswear? Is it fashion forward? Or it means men should just start shopping from the women’s department? 

PS: I wonder if they’ll go shopping for purses too because now they have nowhere to put their wallets.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nail those studs!

This winter is all about studs and spikes of all kinds; silver, gold, and black. Here are some of my favorite studded items.

Versace crystal studded leather dress (similar here, and here)
Emporio Armani velvet studded slippers, (similar ones here, and here)
Alexander McQueen leather studded Demanta bag


Friday, November 16, 2012

The Levi's Tailor Shop

This Holiday season, Levi's is offering free customization of every item bought in-store between November 16 and December 16.

With Christmas approaching, most labels are launching special collections each year to celebrate the festive season. Levi's jumped on the personalization bandwagon. With labels like Sandro offering shoppers the opportunity to customize sneakers, Levi's will be be personalizing every item bought in store this holiday season. Perfect one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts for everyone!

With the help of a personal stylist, decide exactly where you'd put studs, stars, rhinestones or pearls at the Levi's Tailor Shop on the First Floor of the Champs Elysées store from November 16 to December 16.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I still love you, New York.

By now most of you know about the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, and the impact the storm has had on the East Coast. A lot of people were left in need of lifesaving work being done by the American Red Cross.

Financial donations help the Red Cross provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected this tragedy.

Even a small donation of $10 helps support the families left without homes, food or water during this time. Use this link on your blog and social profiles to connect fans directly to the American Red Cross donations page here


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thread Art by Gabriel Dawe

Thread art, Plexus no. 19, by artist Gabriel Dawe in Como, Italy. An installation made of thread for Miniartextil. Breathtakingly ethereal and awe-inspiring.

The exhibit consists of two thread structures streamed across an upper and lower balcony that is meant to be experienced from different angles or at different times of the day. As Dawe's puts it, "When the sun comes in in the morning, it is fantastic. Having those window-shaped light beams add a dimension to the installation. I always like when I get direct sunshine on them because it emphasizes the layering of the thread in very interesting ways."

The installation is part of Miniartextil, an annual exhibition of contemporary art, and is open now through November 18, 2012.

A New Mix

Canadian model Heather Marks took part in H&M's latest style book, entitled A New Mix. She mixes and matches items and you can find some modern shapes with color prints and varied hues. Peplum skirts, form-fitting pants and comfy sweaters appear to be what’s in trend for autumn.