Saturday, December 20, 2014

ASOS: Horrible Service with a HORRIBLE courier!

It's that time of the year again - christmas parties and the winter wedding season. So to save time and energy, I decided to order a couple of dresses online, one from Saks and the other from ASOS. While the one from Saks was right on time, the ASOS purchase has proven to be a HUGE mistake!

I placed my order on ASOS on December 9, paid for Express shipping so I'd get my dress on December 18. The party is on December 26 so I thought great! It will get there one week before the party. But boy was I wrong!

On December 18, I got nothing. Tried to reach Skynet in Egypt but all the telephone numbers on their website are not picking up. Better yet, all the emails are not working either! 

I tried to reach ASOS but they were helpless. All they said was that it's Christmas time and they're too busy and I should wait for a few more days! (Heck no I won't. Why on earth did I pay for Express when I'm going to "wait"??)

I tried to reach Skynet UK but then they said that the order left London on December 13 and it should be in Cairo by now. They suggested I contact Skynet Egypt. (Nice joke, I know!) 

This was followed by a long thread of emails of me trying to explain that Skynet Egypt are unreachable and Skynet UK providing the same numbers on the website.

Friday morning I decided to give Skynet UK a call. I was transferred to Julie Reeves who was quite nice. She apologized for the late delivery and for Skynet Egypt's behavior. She also sent out an email to management (particularly Mr Ayman Bazaza) in Egypt asking them to give me a call.

It comes as no surprise that Mr Ayman never gave me a call - and his reply was in fact pointless. 

I tried reaching ASOS again and they gave me two numbers; a cellphone number which I later found out is Ayman's number, and another landline where no one answers.

Saturday morning, I tried calling the cellphone number. After about 4 tries, Ayman finally picked up! (Oh wow! They're alive!)

Now here comes the best part, Ayman said that he has no idea where my order is and that he never received it. He never bothered to apologize for their total disappearance. When I asked him what should be done in cases like this, he said "I'll email Skynet UK and will let you know when they reply."

Bottom line is, this has proven to be a very terrible experience and I'm not sure if I'll even receive my dress. But what I do know is, if you're thinking of making an order from ASOS, think twice! I don't know if the service is as bad in other countries but it is quite terrible in Egypt.

This is not the first time that I've faced problems with Skynet. Earlier this month, I placed an order and the delivery agent (Karam Shawky) called before he got there. I was not home, so I asked him to leave the shipment with a friend. I had to pay for customs and duty and the fees he said on the phone were much more than what the documents said. Last time I checked, that's considered fraud. I wanted to report that, but as usual, no one answering the phone!

I suggest ASOS fixes this before they offer delivery to Egypt, or better yet, choose a more reliable courier!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Today I'm Wearing: Red Plaid

Good morning everyone! :) Hope you're all having a lovely day.
Today I'm wearing a checked shirt from Zara - got this one from Mall of Arabia, with a navy sleeveless jacket from American Vintage. I usually hate wearing wool, but this one is so soft. I paired them with acid wash jeans from Zara as well and my winter go-to; black Dr Martens boots.

Acid Wash Jeans from Zara (similar here)
Prada Sunglasses
Michael Kors watch
Cartier and Dina Maghawry jewelry

Monday, December 1, 2014

Outfit: Casual Mondays

Am I the only one absolutely in love with the weather these days? It's PERFECT! :)
The perfect mix between sunny and cold breeze. This kind of weather was made for coffee in the sun followed by a nice walk around the block. The yellow color of this Proenza Schouler bag and these cute Charlotte Olympia flats can definitely brighten up your day.

Rayban Clubmaster Sunglasses