Sunday, May 27, 2012

Interview with Model Alanna Gilbert

How old are you and where are you from?
I am 22, raised mostly in Sacramento, born in Monterey (went back and forth)
How tall are you? 
How did you start modeling? 
When I was 11 a photographer owed my aunt a favor and she asked him to photograph me. That sparked the interest in me, and when I turned 18 I moved to LA and continued to do test shoots during college until getting an agent after a couple years.
What was your first big break in the industry? 
I wouldn't say that's happened yet. I think I get out there in small ways in a certain circle that people notice, but haven't exploded yet. This is my make it or break it year. 
What has been your favorite job so far? 
Here i'm judging favorite by most fun. I'd have to say a lookbook I did with Foreign Exchange. The shots ended up in giant posters in their stores all over LA, it was pretty cool to see my photos blown up x20. The shoot was really fun too, involved limos and confetti blasts and jumping around, plus the company is super nice and chill. Now I get to work with them semi-regurlarly. 
What is your dream modeling job? 
Anything that lands an ad in a fashion magazine. Not necessarily a luxury company, a lifestyle shoot would be awesome like Vans or Zumiez. Something relaxed, youthful and fun.
When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do? 
Photography takes up my time, it's my future career when I retire from modeling. I'm usually scheduling shoots, shooting or editing. Other than that I'm kind of a home dweller and a home maker. I like to cook, craft, create art and get inspired. Nowadays I'd rather have a few friends over and play Mario Cart than go out and party. Also me and my man go out and hike and explore the goodies of LA at least once a week.

Was modeling what you thought it would be? 
Every part of it. From the sleaze to the glam. From the arrogant photographers to the great friends we meet along the way. It's a way of life that's easy to get sucked in and take wrong turns, but it's also a platform for great possibilities for the future. I kind of always had that hunch about it.
If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do? 
Photography, luckily I have time while I'm modeling to practice photography so I should be ready by the time I switch that to my full-time.
Where is your favorite place to travel? 
Anywhere new! I've been across the seas and I'd much rather go somewhere new than to places I've seen. But for me, nothing beats a walk through a forest or a drive through a desert. I don't care much to travel to city-scapes. 


Special thanks to Lor for making this interview possible x

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