Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tom Ford Spring 2012 finally revealed

I found those fresh images of Tom Ford Spring 2012 right after I woke up this morning. Pretty awesome for a Saturday morning, huh? The collection which was shown in London Fashion Week two months ago, however, looks too much like Gucci and YSL blended together, I would say. I don't know but I have to agree there is something missing here. In fact, based on reviews from editors and critics back in September, it already had a tainted reputation to struggle with. But then again, it's Tom Ford. It's still sexy, sophisticated and glamorous.

It's quite evident that the collection is dominated by evening ensembles. Daring, individual pieces. 

What, exactly, is a Tom Ford classic? Something sexy, naturally. “Blouses with a loose, slouchy quality; something fitted at the waist, and with a bondage-y thing on the foot—my favorite is the wedge with the chain-strap!” he says.

The seventies appeal of this collection speaks to luxury in its most compelling sense.

Tom Ford himself on the collection, “I’ve streamlined things more this season. I think I’m very classic, because what I do is always based on something you’ve seen before. And yes, maybe there’s something YSL about it. When I left off designing for women, I was at YSL so I’m working through that to be me, asking myself, What do I like? What defines your brand?”

Jess Cartner-Morley, writes in the Guardian: "I didn’t think Tom Ford’s show was all that. Not that it was awful, by any means, but despite the beautiful tailoring and the immaculate execution it fell a little flat. It felt too self-referential. Too many frills and too few new ideas. There were gorgeous, curvy, super vamp dresses that I loved, but the flouncy peasant blouses and corset belts seemed like a 'guilty pleasures' version of Tom Ford."

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